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About Italy

Italy has a major advanced economy and if founding member of the European Union. Country is renowned for its food, art and architecture. Besides this its also the home for some of the famous and expensive clothing and accessories brands

Culture and Lifestyle

Italy is rich in its culture and it reflects in its art, family and architecture. Italian is the native language of Italy and most of the people are roman Catholics. Family is an extremely important value within the Italian culture and they often have small family get together. They celebrate most Christian holidays and Epiphany is celebrated as big as Christmas. Wine, cheese and pasta are important part of Italian meals.

Cost of living

  • Italy cost of leaving
  • House rent € 933
  • Utilities €125
  • Interne              €29
  • Transportation   €35
  • Food and maintenance €715



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  • Cross cultural ambieance
  • Presence of public and private universities
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Education System

Univrsities in Italy are one of the oldest universities in world.  And they belive in formal way of education.It creates opportunities  for self -study out side class room. Examinations are conduted  using oral methds. Students have option to reschedule  examis  with in the given tim frame

Here's an overview of the intakes available for different programs in different university and college :
Intake Deadline
Semester 1 (Febravary Intake) Octomber-November
Semester 2 (July Intake) April-May
Indicative study costs for Australian programs :
Institution/Degree Annual fees (indicative)
School $7,800 to $30,000
English language studies $30/week depending upon course option
Doctoral Degree $14,000 to $37,000
Univrsities in Italy are one of the oldest universities in world. And they belive in formal way of education.It creates opportunities for self -study out side class room. Examinations are conduted using oral methds. Students have option to reschedule  examis with in the given tim frame

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Is one of the most populated country in Tuscany and it is true that it is also Italy’s art city. City is famous for whole lot of gallery and Museums. City has a great view and awesome restaurants that are renowned for its ...


Milan is Italy’s most famous city and it is a land for major fashion brands, oldest shopping mall in Italy is based in Milan. Milan’s 15th century Castle and Museum is never to miss. Saffron infused risotto is Milan’s ...


Naples is known for its beautiful nature. Like any other Italian city Naples is also famous for Pizzas and “ N number of local dishes. Make sure you have thought about a shopping for beautiful pottery in this city. You May...


Venice being one of the greatest sea ports, it is also known as “city of water’s. Venice in Italy is also know known as city of Masks, bridges, canals etc. It has more than 100 small islands and only has canals and no ro...

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