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About Australia

Australia is one of the developed nations and has wide open space and beautiful nature. It has lots of beaches, deserts and Islands. English is the commonly used language. It is one of he countries with high GDP. Tourism, Healthcare , Media, Finance and Mining are some of the major industries that are contributing to the growth of the country. Most of the people in Australia follow Christianity, However there are people from other religions as well

Culture and Life style : 

Australian culture is highly influenced by Britain. It still is amongst multicultural counties. Australians have great interest in sports, Politics, Media and Art. “Woodford folk festival” is widely celebrated folk festivals of Australia. Fairy breads, Tim Toms, Meat Pies etc are some of the famous food of Australia.

Cost of living 

  • Rent $140
  • Grocery $10
  • Gas $15
  • Phone and Internet $15
  • Transportation $30
  • Entertainment $80


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Education System

Australian Schools are known for their quality of education. It provides you enough  opportunities for students to understand their potential from the view point of the  quality of life. They follow decentralized education system and they have  many universities that are amongst top 50 universities in the world this  naturally builds the self esteem in students

Here's an overview of the intakes available for different programs in different university and college :
Intake Deadline
Semester 1 (Febravary Intake) Octomber-November
Semester 2 (July Intake) April-May
Indicative study costs for Australian programs :
Institution/Degree Annual fees (indicative)
School $7,800 to $30,000
English language studies $30/week depending upon course option
Doctoral Degree $14,000 to $37,000
Australian Schools are known for their quality of education. It provides you enough  opportunities for students to understand their potential from the view point of the  quality of life. They follow decentralized education system and they have many universities that are amongst top 50 universities in the world this naturally builds the self esteem in students

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Adelaide is in South Australia and is known for its eco adventures, Vinyards and festivals. You get to shop farm fresh fruits, vegetable, smoked meat, cheeses and sea food in this place. It also has green hills and beaches...


Brisbane is known for Bisbane river where you can see Kangaroo point cliff. You will come across river side parks, GoMa is a must visit largest gallery of modern and contemporary art. Followed by botanic garden. Besides th...


Sydney is one of the largest cities and a must visit tourist destination. City has lots of museums, theaters and music venus. It also has plenty of beaches. It has clean roads and beautiful Harbor tha...


Like Sydney, Melbourne is also popular for its cafeteria. It is the cultural capital of Australia, known for its music, museums, and various art forms. It has a beautiful art gallery and is famous for its sporting culture....

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